About Us

CFC International Corporation, An ITW Company is a worldwide specialty coated film company that designs manufactures and markets chemically complex multi-layer transferable coatings laminates and sophisticated holographic technologies. These innovative coatings and holographic products are not only decorative in nature but also provide invisible value-added functionality such as industry-leading abrasion and chemical resistance.

CFC?s extensive history of developing and manufacturing proprietary coatings enable us to create cost-effective customer focused solutions. While we serve a diverse group of niche markets the core technology for every product line is similar. We do this by coating rolls of plastic film and selling them to our customers who transfer the coatings to their products or laminate them on to a substrate for decorative protective or informative purposes. CFC?s coatings are made by mixing pigments solvents and resins into formulations that come in many colors patterns and surface finishes designed to resist chemical and physical abuse. Some also store information. CFC?s technology add to the functionality and increases the value of a wide variety of consumer and industrial products around the world.

Company Highlights

  • Globally integrated
  • Offices warehouses and manufacturing facilities in the U.S. & Europe
  • More than 5000 customers around the world
  • Worldwide distribution network
  • ISO9001:2015 Registered Quality Management System

Our products create global value for global brands ? the fact is you are never more than a few feet away from a CFC product.

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